4 week challenge
You don’t want to miss out on this once a year challenge!

As part of purchasing our Power Packs, you receive free access to our New Year 4-Week Keto Challenge.  


So how does it work? 

The New Year Keto Challenge runs alongside the 4-Week Kickstarter program, which you were emailed access to when you purchased your Power Pack.  


So all you need to do is register for the challenge below and you’re in. 


What you get extra on top of the 4-Week Kickstarter Program is exclusive access to; 

  • A challenge-specific private Facebook Group (where you can share the journey with fellow challengers, ask questions and get daily motivation from Keto Lean coaches).

  • Weekly Group Zoom Video Calls (Where we will encourage you, help you stay focused and troubleshoot issues you might be having)

  • Unlimited support call access (where you can book in support calls with our Keto Coaches)

Keto Lean

receive Your free access to our New Year 4-Week Keto Challenge.

If you would like to register please do so immediately as positions are limited, the Challenge starts Monday the 1st of March. 

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