Keto Lean

KetoLean exists for one reason...

To Make Keto Dieting easy!

Keto LeanTM was founded in 2017 by Lean for Life, one of Australia’s leading women’s health companies, with the aim of helping women age 30+ transform their bodies, overcome life challenges, regain their health and start living life again.

Since 2017, Keto LeanTM has grown to become Australia’s #1 Keto movement, helping hundreds of women every month transform their lives through Keto Dieting.

Keto LeanTM makes Keto Dieting easy through our Keto LeanTM programs, Keto LeanTM products and Keto LeanTM communities.

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Keto Lean

Meet The Family

KetoLean is owned and operated by Jaxon and Jessica Calder on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

“We are family-focused, as you can see. And this is how we run KetoLean- one big family, we never separate ourselves from our clients or customers, in fact, we pride ourselves that you can have complete access to us at any time.”

“What you see in KetoLean is practised in our own family, we have tried all the diets (trust me just ask the kids). We personally test, develop and use our products, we are extremely adventurous and community-focused (our house is always full).”

“Most importantly we know how hard and confusing life can get, that’s why no matter how hard our life gets, we push through so we can help you live the life you want.”

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Making Keto dieting easier and accessible for everyone!