Why is making Keto Dieting easy such a big focus for us?

We know that Keto is hands down the best weight loss & health transformation tool, and if we can make it easy for you then we can impact not just your weight, but help you live the life you have always dreamed of. 

Ketolean About Us

The Founder 

At only 17 years old Jaxon followed in his parent’s footsteps and became Australia’s first second-generation and youngest Personal Trainer at the time. 

Since then, Jaxon quickly became one of Australia’s leading health and weight loss coaches; eventually founding KetoLean, Australia’s largest Keto Movement. 

Jaxon started KetoLean from humble beginnings through one-on-one coaching and group challenges for women in menopause, to now transforming lives all over Australia & New Zealand. 

With KetoLean, Jaxon will not only help you lose weight fast and make keto dieting easy for you, but he will also focus on guiding you through your overall health and wellness transformation through mindset, lifestyle, daily activities, and nutrition guidance. 

Ketolean About Us

The KetoLean Family 

Meet the Calders! KetoLean is proudly owned and operated by Jaxon and Jessica Calder. Located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, this amazing husband and wife team is joined by their brood of 4. 


“We are a family-focused company, and this is exactly how we run KetoLean – like one big family! We pride ourselves in always being available to our team and customers whenever they need us. 

What you see in KetoLean is practiced in our own family – trust me, just ask the kids! We personally create, test, develop and use our products to make sure you get the best!

Most importantly, we know how hard and busy life can get, which is what drives us to make the Keto Diet less confusing, and easier for you.” 

– Jess

Team mates

The KetoLean™ Transformation System

• Detox your body

• Help you achieve key fat loss 6-10kg fast

• Ensure you become Fat Adapted

• Repeat Until 70% Weight Loss

• Transformation of your Body

•Transformation of your Mind

• Transformation of your Lifestyle

• Repeat Until 100% Weight Loss

Maintenance & Lifestyle Program

The Lifestyle Program is about providing you with the tools to live out your best life ongoing.

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