A quick video from me, explaining the 4 & 8 Week Challenge!

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Still unsure?

Does this sound like you? I want to… 

  • drop my unwanted New Year, Christmas & Covid kilos 
  • take my health back
  • set myself up for a new standard of living
  • hit my goal weight and finish this journey off
  • start on my New Year resolution to be a healthier me
  • stop procrastinating and start changing 
  • feel more myself again
  • start feeling good about myself
  • get back to my feel-good weight again after falling off the wagon 
  • get my confidence back


Then you don’t want to miss out on this challenge. 

Or are you needing; 

  • Support 
  • Motivation 
  • Questions answered
  • Help troubleshooting
  • Accountability 
  • Inspiration
  • Connection to positive & like minded people
  • Education on what’s the right way 
  • Help understanding exactly what to do 
  • A proven system that works and is easy to follow
  • Flexible meal options 


Then this is definitely for you; 

First of all, it’s FREE!

We run it FREE alongside our KetoLean 4 Week Kickstarter Program which you get access to when you purchase any of our 4-Week Power Packs.

Why is the 4-Week Keto Challenge FREE when others are charging $299 + for a similar service? 

We figured if we can provide this service Free even if it costs us a lot of time, money and resources to run, and it completely transforms your life, then you will tell others about the transformation we provided you… So that’s what we get out of it… your promotion. 


So how does it work? 

You are already familiar with our 4-Week Kickstarter Program that comes included in our 4-Week Power Pack or our 8-Week Tone Program that comes included in our 8-Week Power Pack.

Well it runs alongside that. 

However, you get access to quite a bit extra. 


What you get extra on top of the 4-Week Kickstarter Program is exclusive access to; 

  • A Challenge-specific private Facebook Group (where you can share the journey with fellow challengers, ask questions and get daily motivation from Keto Lean coaches)
  • Weekly Group Zoom Video Calls (Where we will encourage you, help you stay focused and troubleshoot issues you might be having)
  • Dedicated Keto Mentors (We have participants who have gone through their own transformation journey, who are in the group specifically to encourage, motivate and support you)
  • Unlimited support access (where you get direct access to message our coaches Keto Coaches)


In all transparency we do have a limited number of positions for this challenge (which will go fast) as we want to provide the best service possible. 

Which is why we asked customers to express their interest before sending out the challenge sign up link. 

So we encourage you to register as soon as possible. 

All you need to do to register is purchase one of our 4-Week Power Packs as explained above and we will send you a registration email so you can join our challenge. 

We reserve registrations for those who have just purchased a Power Pack as you will need all the products that come with a Power Pack to ensure you can follow the program exactly the way we need you to in order for us to help you get the results you desire. 

If you have some shakes and a little oil leftover from past purchases, we still encourage you to buy a Power Pack to have full access to the products you need.

As mentioned we only have a limited number of positions and we don’t want to give away positions to those who can’t stick to the program because they are waiting for top up orders they placed during the challenge. 

As also mentioned this challenge is free, so we use the money from your power pack purchases to pay your coaches. 

So once you place your purchase we will immediately email you out a confirmation of registration form (so keep checking your inbox/junk mail).


4-Week Challenge
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