KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Keto Revolution & the KetoLean Movement

So, what is the Keto Dieting Revolution?

Here is a quick download of what keto dieting is, how it has completely changed weight loss possibilities and why KetoLean is becoming the biggest movement across Australia.

Keto Method

  • Keto Dieting is about changing the energy source your body relies on
  • Making your body burn Ketones for energy instead of glucose
  • Glucose is a form of sugar and carbs
  • Ketones come from fat

So in essence, your body will burn fat for fuel, not carbs.

Because your body is now burning fat as fuel …

  1. You don’t have any more sugar low periods, 3:30 drowsiness is a thing of the past
  2. You no longer wake up tired looking for energy
  3. You no longer fall for cravings, because your body isn’t looking for those things to fuel it
  4. Your hormones are no longer taken on a roller-coaster ride, so no more mood swings, emotional eating, hot flashes or tears
  5. Your body will no longer retain fluid; no puffy ankles, enlarged legs or feeling bloated
  6. You will have the same mental focus and physical energy 24/7
  7. And your body will eat away at your fat all day until you are at your perfect weight

… sound too good to be true right? … well, that’s what I thought.

Fat for Fuel (energy)

But, burning fat for fuel is like burning heat beads instead of kindling which is like burning carbs for energy, the heat beads burn hotter and for longer, where the kindling burns out fast. So your energy in burning fat, is as unlimited to the measure of fat you have on you!

Fat for Fuel (weight loss)

Being in Ketosis/using fat for fuel is like having thousands of mini miners in your body, chipping away at your fat all day and all night and taking it back to the power plant to be burned as fuel. That’s why on the 4 Week KetoLean Weight Loss Program you can see weekly weight loss results of up to 6kg per week and 10kg+ over 4 weeks.

Keto dieting is the only diet that is 100% scientifically guaranteed to make you lose weight. It’s impossible if in healthy ketosis not to lose weight.

The Easier Way

Even though Keto Dieting produces amazing results, it’s not always that easy to follow. It often requires a lot of planning, self-sacrifice, unhealthy meals and well let’s face it the keto diet has a “high give up rate” due to either peoples knowledge or mental strength, until the KetoLean system came along. KetoLean’s mission is to make keto dieting easy for everybody!

The Launch (our moral compass)

In 2016, Lean for Life launched an online 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge with close to 200 participants. Each participant got to choose one of our 6 diet plans to follow over the 6 weeks. One of those diet plans was a Ketosis Diet, which outperformed all other plans by doubling immediate results and tripling ongoing weight loss results. Participants were losing over 20kg in total for the 6 weeks when on a Ketosis plan.

After noticing these results, we then took the Keto dieting to our “High Need Clients” (those who come to us being told by specialists they can’t lose weight, either via illness, menopause, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, etc. To our surprise, the Keto Diet was 100% successful for every client. These were women ranging from 35yrs to 68yrs, who wasn’t able to lose weight prior to seeing us, with most of them having tried at least 8 other diet programs and alternative medications.

So our moral compass told us if we are to give people the best chance at losing weight and transforming their lives, we need to embrace the best diet plan for doing this and that was the Keto Diet.

We then put all of our weight loss, personal development and transformation tools together to create what we call the KetoLean System.

The KetoLean System (revealed)

The KetoLean System was developed to see you transition from your first day of Keto dieting to living Lean for Life.

The KetoLean System is broken down into three phases: a 4 Week Weight Loss Program, an 8 Week Transformation Program and a maintenance LifeStyle Program.

The 4 Week Weight Loss Program is all about losing essential weight fast. The 8 Week Transformation Program is all about transforming your body, mind and life.

The Lifestyle Program is about providing you with the tools to live out your best life ongoing.

We will cover more on the 8 Week Program latter in this course

The first step is the Keto Lean 4-Week Weight Loss Program…

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