KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Understanding the KetoLean 4-Week Program - Three Key Objectives

Let’s look in more detail at what’s involved in the KetoLean 4 Week Weight Loss Program.

Three Key Objectives

The three key objectives of the KetoLean 4 Week Weight Loss Program are to;

1) Detox your body

2) Help you achieve key fat loss 6-10kg fast, and

3) To ensure you become Fat Adapted.

1) Detox:

What is detoxing and why is it important?

Detoxing is ridding your body of a substance or habit, in order to cleanse it of poisons and toxins, so it can revert to a healthy state of operation.

In easy to understand terms, detoxing is taking something bad away from you, in order that you can be in a healthier state.

I truly believe that detoxing is not limited to food and the body, but also habits, thoughts and your mind.

So in the 4 weeks, you will undergo a complete detox of your old life, so that when you start the KetoLean 8 Week Transformation Program you are starting from a place of victory, a place of health, a place of #*!@ YEAH!

From Day 4 -7 – You will notice that you have detoxed from substances (feeling great)

From Week 2 – You will notice that old habits have started to fade away (doing great)

From Week 3 – You will notice a new thought life starting to take place and the old detoxed one fading away (thinking great)

The 4 Week KetoLean Meal Plans have been designed around eliminating all foods prone to producing inflammation, intolerances, hormone imbalance, mental fogginess and insulin-related weight issues.

2) Key Fat Loss:

What is Key Fat Loss and why is it important?

Key Fat loss is all about losing a certain amount of weight in a specific amount of time to a) Enable you to feel great and b) Believe in yourself.

We strongly believe that you have a short window to lose a specific amount of weight so that your lifestyle will change in order that you can lose more weight (i.e. so you get more energy to do more, or that you become lighter so you can exercise more). Second to this and most importantly, it’s important to lose 6-10kg in 4 weeks for your mental status.

Over your life you have formed a worldview of yourself, often that view being a negative one when it comes to achievement, self-belief and confidence. So when someone who thinks they have never achieved anything before, loses an amount of weight they thought impossible, something changes in their mind.

I watch it happen daily; the person who joined the program full of fear and doubt, instantly changes, their mind shifts to a state of victory, and they have achieved something they never thought possible. They start to think, well if I have done this, then what else can I do? Or if I have believed this lie about myself, that “I can’t achieve anything”, what other lies am I believing about myself?

So that’s why we are big ambassadors of losing key amounts of fat fast.

3) Becoming Fat Adapted: 

What is Fat Adaption and why is it important?

Fat Adaption is the ultimate outcome of Keto dieting. Ketosis is getting your body to burn fat instead of sugars, and Fat Adaption is when your body crosses the line where this way of burning energy is the norm.

It’s where Keto dieting becomes easy because your body has acknowledged that you are a Keto eater and it needs to stop looking for carbs, and instead start to optimise using fat for energy.

The way this impacts you is you no longer crave for carbs or sugar, you will have an endless supply of energy, you will wake up alert instead of foggy, and you will have sustained energy throughout the day; no more 3:30 slumps or 8 pm red-eye.

It will then allow you to cross over to the 8-week Transformation Plan and start training without worrying about activating stress hormones and risking putting weight back on through stress.

Fat Adaption can normally take 7 plus weeks, however, by following the KetoLean 4 Week Weight Loss Program you will become Fat Adapted in 4 weeks.

Now that you know the three key objectives of the KetoLean Weight Loss Program, let’s look at how they are made possible by the 4 Core Components of the 4 weeks.


3 Key Objectives:

1) Detox

2) Key Fat Loss

3) Becoming Fat Adapted

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