KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Understanding the KetoLean 4-Week Program - Four Core Components

Four Core Components

The “Four Core Components) that will help you achieve our “3 Key Objectives” are;

1) KetoLean 4 Week Diet Plan

2) KetoLean Stress Management Tool Kit (found in resources)

3) KetoLean Lifestyle adjustment system (found through out the program)

4) Mindset (found through out the program)

4 Week Keto Diet Plan

The KetoLean Diet Plan has been structured whereby all you need to do is follow our “Already Prepared Plan” or mix it up by following our “Do It Yourself Plan”. There’s no need to worry about calorie counting, macro measurement, or meal creation.

We are masters at creating plans and have been doing so for over 15 years, so when it comes to creating the KetoLean Diet Plan we have masterfully constructed it to cater for every need.

Here are our 9 Diet Plan Principles that help make the KetoLean 4 Week Diet Plan the ultimate diet plan available:

Principle One: Macro Structure

Principle Two: Calories Selection

Principle Three: Nutritional Value

Principle Four: Emotional Satisfaction

Principle Five: Convenience

Principle Six: Meal Timing

Principle Seven: Meal Frequency

Principle Eight: Water Intake

Principle Nine: Essential Salts and Electrolytes

When following our diet plan, you don’t have to worry about any of these, we have taken care to factor these principles into your plan.

Stress Awearness:

As it’s hard to create a plan for stress management, due to the fact that a plan in itself creates stress in people as they trying to follow it perfectly, so instead we have a stress management tools for you to use in the resource module, so please go visit them at any time of need. We will also be covering stress management information in our daily videos.

Your stress will determine if you will lose a little or a lot on this program, there are three key stress causes that we will focus on. (please pay attention to them)

  1. Cut back on physical stress

Physical stress is something that most people don’t acknowledge as stress, however, over-exercising/working your body will produce stress hormones and lower your immune system, so as your body is already under stress through undergoing a change in eating, please don’t undertake in any extra gym work or activity in the first 4 weeks.

We recommend only walking 20min per day; I know this often can be the hardest thing for some people, however please trust us and the system, even if you love training, for 4 weeks we highly recommend that you cut it out.

*** If you opt not to cut out your exercise, we recommend having 1 extra shake + MCT shot per day.

  1. Cut back on mental stress

Taking on too much mental stress triggers emotional stress. So don’t commit to anything for 4 week’s. Treat it as if you have flown overseas to a health retreat, say NO to as much as you can, treat it as a game. Trust me, this one task of saying NO, will completely change who you are.

  1. Cut back on emotional stress

Emotional stress is the reason most people seek out comfort food, so for the first 4 weeks, your number one priority is to ensure you don’t put yourself under emotional stress. Avoid the temptation to worry, forgive quickly and don’t take offence (these are the key emotional drainers). Worry will never improve the thing you are worrying about and holding unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.

It’s time for you to be an adult and protect your own heart and life, don’t let these things in.

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.

Albert Einstein

Lifestyle Adjustment:

Just like stress management, we don’t enforce these upon you as they tend to trigger stress and the main plan for you to follow is the Diet Plan. However, we have placed some Lifestyle change ideas for you in the resource section if you feel you would like some ideas.

There is one principle you need to follow though;

  1. Walk Daily

This is to ensure you flush your body of toxins, loosen up your stiff muscles, refresh your mood, trigger energy production and boost weight loss without building stress. Walks can only be for 20 minutes MAX and should be at a fast pace.


Again we don’t have a plan for this, however, we will email you assignments to do and habits to follow in order to keep you focused, inspired and on track.

Watch your emails and please do them, if you don’t do them, then you will limit your growth.

Weight loss is 70% Nutrition, 30% Activity and 100% State of Mind

Jaxon Calder


4 Core Components are:

1) KetoLean 4 Week Diet Plan (follow the diet plan provided)

2) Stress Awareness (be conscious of this and if feeling stress do our courses in resources)

3) Lifestyle Adjustment (walk 20min a day)

4) Mindset (action the tasks we set/ email you)

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