KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Understanding the KetoLean 4-Week Program - 9 Diet Principles

The KetoLean Diet Plans have been structured so you don’t need to worry about calorie counting, macro measurement and meal creation. All you need to do is follow our “Do It Yourself Plan” or our “Already Prepared Plan”.

Here is a quick overview on our diet principles that form our KetoLean Diet Plan and why we have them.

This is to give you an insight into how the program works, how much work has gone into preparing these plans for you, and why you should stick to it as close as you can.

Principle One: Macro Structure

To maximize your weight loss ability it’s important to get the right ratio of your Macros. We have spent a lot of time trialing different Macro ratios and have chosen the optimal levels to ensure you lose fat fast and for good.

Quick note, for those that are unsure what Macro means, it’s a shortened word, from the word Macronutrients, which are the core food groups that you get energy from in the form of Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein.

So we have carefully planned your Macros for all your meals, shakes and snacks to ensure no matter what you choose to eat it will meet your set Macro needs.

Principle Two: Calories

Not only do we prepare each meal, shake and snack to contain set macros, but because this is a weight loss program, we have made the plan to ensure you consume a set amount of calories per day to ensure you achieve your weight loss goal over the 4 weeks.

Principle Three: Nutrition

We have spent a lot of time planning each meal in consultation with Doctors and Dietitians to ensure you are getting as much nutritional value from every meal, shake and snack you consume as possible.

That’s why in the 4 weeks you won’t find any empty carbohydrates in your meals; all your meals will contain vegetables that will give you more nutrients per gram.

We do this because the more nutrients you feed your body the healthier it will be, the greater it will perform and the more weight you will lose. Unlike other programs that focus just on calories, we focus on maximising nutrients.

Principle Four: Satisfaction

Satisfaction is really important for us because if you fulfill your body’s emotional needs then you not only make dieting easier, but you release hormones, that in fact speed up your weight loss results. So for every meal, shake and snack we make sure it’s as tasty as possible, so your body is left in a place of, “mmmm, I really enjoyed that”, and a smile appears on your face. Sometimes that’s all you need in order to make it through the day.

Principle Five: Convenience

The number one reason Australians give up on diets is due to the fact that they don’t have time to prep all the meals needed. To tackle this we have created the diet plan where you only need to make one meal per day and when creating the recipes we ensure that the meals are ridiculously easy to make.

Don’t try to overcomplicate things, the easier it is, the greater chance you have of sticking it out and preventing stress hormones which will stall your weight loss.

Principle Six: Meal Timing

As the objective of the 4-week program is to ensure you lose weight fast and to get you Keto Adapted, we have implemented a technique called intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting means you fast from food for specific durations of time, not long-term fasting, just short periods of time. The results of this are astronomical, it will suppress your hunger, help you strip fat fast and push you into a state of Ketosis almost immediately. Intermittent fasting also has anti-aging and anti-disease fighting benefits, it’s often termed “self-cannibalisation” because your body is put into a state when fasting where it attacks unhealthy cells in order to preserve itself.

Principle Seven: Meal Frequency

Meal frequency is the key to speeding up your metabolism and is also key to prevent low moments and cravings, so we have suggested eating times that are proven to drastically increase results.

Principle Eight: Water Intake (IMPORTANT)

We have cleverly planned hydration times into the plan, just to make remembering to drink water easier. You may think this is not a big issue, however, having the right amount of water can be the difference between losing 3.5kg and .9kg in a week.

Hydration on a Keto Diet is vital, due to three reasons:

1) When on a Keto diet you naturally cut out high fibre foods, which help your body absorb water. At first it takes your body a while to get used to this, so while it’s adjusting to its new way of absorbing water you need to be mindful of drinking more

2) Due to taking on a Keto diet you are eating cleaner and not consuming as much salt as you naturally would. Contrary to belief, salt is needed in order to help your body absorb water,

3) Lastly, Ketones, unlike carbs, are not stored as energy (resulting in fat), instead your body disposes of them in your urine, so you might find you are urinating a tad more than normal.

Principle Nine: Salts and Electrolytes (IMPORTANT)

Due to increasing your water and lowering your natural salty food intake as mentioned earlier, you will need to supplement salts into your diet, as salt is an essential part of your body, and without it your body will shut down.

We will soon be releasing a KetoLean solution to manage your Electrolyte’s however for now here are some suggestions;

1) Have as much Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt as you can (these sales are rich in minerals) and if your body is craving salt, it generally means you need more of it.

2) If needed, see your health food store or chemist about Magnesium and Potassium tablets (if you experience body aches for longer than 3 days you might need these)

3) Be careful not to have electrolyte or hydralyte of types as they contain glucose and will push you out of ketosis

Doing 1) & 2) will help eliminate Keto Flue symptoms.


9 Diet Principles:

1) Macro Structure

2) Calories

3) Nutrition

4) Satisfaction

5) Convenience

6) Meal Timing

7) Meal Frequency

8) Water Intake

9) Salts and Electrolytes

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