KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Body Measurement Tracking Sheet + (How to Guide)

I highly recommend that you spend some time on your own or with a helping hand to take your measurements before starting the KetoLean 4 Week Program.

If you have already started the challenge, then it’s better now than never!


  1. Go bear; if you can strip down to your undies or bathers, this will give you the most accurate base point for measurements.
  2. Wear the same; if you can’t strip down, then wear the same cloths each time, if you can strip down, still make sure you wear the same bra and undies.
  3. Stay cool; avoid taking measurements after exercise, when you are hot or after a long day. Doing so will alter your measurements due to muscle and fluid inflammation.
  4. Point blank; make sure you mark exactly where you are taking the measurement and take it at that point next time.

Download Self Assessment Guide and Sheets (4 Week)


Q) What if I don’t know my blood pressure, blood sugar levels or heart rate?

A) If you don’t know them or have means to track them, then it means you don’t need to, that section is for those who find it relevant

Q) How do I calculate my body fat %

A) You can buy digital scales that will tell you your body fat %, however these are not always accurate, if you really want to know your body fat % you can get a Body Composition/ Dexa Scan. You can google this service or go to our related service page for recommendations.

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