KetoLean™ 4 Week Kick Starter Program

Before & After Sheet + (How To Guide)

Taking before and after photo’s is a great way to track how your body is changing visually, often when we look at ourselves in the mirror daily we don’t see much change, however taking a photo before you start then one every 4 weeks will allow you to see the drastic changes.

Taking before and after shot’s is not as simple as pulling out your camera and shooting at yourself in the mirror. If before and after shot’s are not taken correctly then you won’t see the change and you wont be usable to enter the “Biggest Transformation Award”


  • Wear the same cloth, it’s very hard for our eyes to notice change in shape, when you have a change in clothing type and color.
  • Wear your bathers or something that allows you to see your body, I know you might feel embarrassed however people wont be looking at your before shot, they will all be focused and blown away by your after shot.
  • Keep the camera at the same level and distance, avoid taking images from up high then down low, or close up then really far away.
  • Have your full body in the picture (including your face), if your face is not in the picture then we can’t confirm that this image is you.
  • Have the right lighting, you don’t need to set up lights, however the best thing is to just use daylight, as yellow ceiling lighting doesn’t always work and darkness hides the change allot.
  • Do three different shots a front shot, side shot and another great angle is a behind shot, however the main shot if you can’t get them all is the front shot.
  • Have the same background, changing backgrounds can make it hard to see the change.

Why do you need to do all these things? Well they just help make as much change noticeable as possible, of course if you lose a mass amount of weight and change your body you will notice it. However reviewing your photo’s after 4 weeks for mental motivation, it always helps making sure you give yourself the best chance possible at noticing the change.

Please email your photo’s to


Missing Head (great change, but is it the same person?)

Amazing change in 4 Weeks by one of our participants, but the change would have been more noticeable with her head in the photo having the same cloths on and the camera at the same angle. However never the less a great result.

In this photo of another participant we can see changes, however due to the lighting it makes it hard to notice the the full measure of the change.



Q) What’s the Biggest Transformation Award

A) This is an award we allocate to someone every three months who’s life has transformed the most. This will be assessed by the variance in your weight lost, measurements changed and before and after photo variance, we will also asses this by your engagement in our community. Myself, my team and the community will all play a part in the assessment, the prizes is a holiday away.

Q) Do the photo’s need to be used for the award of public use?

A) Not at all, they can be kept for your personal benefit.

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