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Personal Motivation Collage (How This Small Exercise Will Change Your Life)

Here is a simple tool that has the power to change your life. It is the number one device that I use to keep myself accountable every day and to pull myself out of the down moments.

That tool is to create a Personal Motivation Collage or what some call a Dream Board.

We all have a reason why we want to lose weight, for some it’s:

To have greater health so you can …

  • Live longer
  • Prevent a specific disease you’re genetically prone to
  • Be an example to a loved one

For others, it’s to improve your looks so you can …

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Enjoy life outdoors
  • Wear that bikini and feel great
  • Be that sexy partner for your mate
  • Go to a party and feel confident

Or it might be to improve your performance so you can …

  • Get more done at work or in your business
  • Be mentality present for the kids
  • Avoid feeling tired all of the time
  • Be active and explore life

No matter what your goal is or why you want to achieve it, we know there is more to just losing weight than the scales.

However, we often forget this. When we get tired, those cravings get stronger, our goal didn’t go as planned or your partner is eating away at something you can’t, we forget the WHAT and the WHY and we slip back into the old life we don’t want to live.

So, the power of the Personal Motivation Collage is to always remind yourself of that better life, the WHAT and WHY.

Here are some examples 


Download the PDF below and make at least 3 Personal Motivational Collage to stick around your house

Download Personal Motivation Collage

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