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Welcome to the KetoLean 8-Week Transformation Program.

It’s exciting to have you on board.

If you have made it here by completing the 4-Week program, congratulations and welcome to the next stage in your keto journey. Again, my biggest desire for you during the next 8 weeks is that you will continue to dig deep into our community and grow in confidence that your new life is being strengthened day by day.

You should know me by now, however, here is another side … 

I introduced you to my record and passion when it comes to helping people live a healthy life and to lose weight in the 4-Week Program, however, here is an insight into a bit more about me personally.

I love my kids. I am blessed enough to spend a lot of time with them. Even when at work I truthfully daydream about getting back to them.

I have an amazing wife. I would say she is my best friend. We are very different in almost every way, but it manages to work.

I am super convicted about caring for those who can’t care for themselves. This is why KetoLean supports an end to sex slavery, why my family supports Street Kids, and I am an activist for environmental responsibility.

I am not who you think. The hardest part of my profession is that my clients automatically put me into the box of a “Judging Health Critic”. They assume that I am different to them, that I am perfect in all I do, and as a result, when they are not the “perfect” self they want to be also, they cut me out due to feeling guilty, thinking I will judge them. However, just so you know, I find it hard to diet too. I love sweets, I fail all the time (hence why I grow so fast), I live daily with the pressure of managing mental health, and I often suffer from loneliness. But, one thing I do is get up, keep trying and fight that good fight of growth. I feel this allows me to help those in need, as I am not estranged from the pain of personal challenges.

Just a quick overview of how this learning platform is structured.

The way it works is each unit leads to the next. In each unit you will have a quick 3-5 minute video or reading providing you with the information you need, and at times a PDF to download or links to follow.

Please follow the units – we have structured them to give you the best chance at success.

If you have entered into the 8-Week Program without doing the 4-Week Kick Starter Program, I encourage you to either go back and take 15 minutes to look over the 4-Week Program Course, as the 8-Week Program will build upon that, or do the 4 Week Program before the 8 Week Program to maximise your results.

You have access to the 4 Week Program when purchasing this 8 Week Program.

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