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In Australia, our lifestyle ultimately reflects our personal choices, which are influenced by our mindset/world views (view on life, yourself, others, finances, health, etc.).

The life we live is made up of our thoughts, daily choices and repetitive habits from our past.

The life you live is your choice. This is not something that can be said about everyone, however, in Australia we are in a country of endless possibility and unlimited options.

You might not believe this, and that’s why you are not living it. Remember your lifestyle is influenced by your world views and by your mind.

I remember when I became a personal trainer, it opened up a whole new way of thinking for me and in return a whole new opportunity at life for me. Not long after becoming a personal trainer at 17, I started down the path of discovering the link between my client’s health position and their mindset, which became a passion of mine ever since.

What amazed me was not that your mind was the root cause for everything, but that you have the power to remould it, and that is called neuroplasticity.

In this Lifestyle Tool Kit, we will challenge you to think differently and provide you with a few tools to make the change if you wish. However, don’t undervalue the process of challenging and changing your thoughts as they hold the key to your transformation.

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