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A Day in Your Life

What is a Day In Your Life?

A Day In Your Life is a document that, if you were to read, would give a glimpse as to the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

It’s not as if every day was like this, but it is a compact day created to express the attributes you have, the activities you do, the character you hold, the state of your mind, nutrition, activity, emotions, spirituality, community, lifestyle and so on. What you place in this document will differ from person to person and will reflect what you value and aspire to have/be.

How to fill it out

It can feel strange at first if you are not familiar with journaling, creative or flowing writing, plus not to mention as an adult you have spent the last 25-40 years squashed of the mindset of dreaming and believing anything is possible.

However, for this exercise I want you to write as if anything was possible. Imagine if you had a magic genie and could wish anything, or had the power to turn your life into whatever your dreams. It’s important that you take all circumstances out of this when it comes to the position you can be in life.

From that mindset, you might either want to start off with dot points then elaborate on them or just start writing.

I have found creative writing to work best when you just start writing and you keep writing; that even when you don’t know what you write, just keep writing. Even though you’re off on a tangent, you keep writing. Even though your hand hurts, just keep going.

This is a style of therapy and when practised, it will allow you to work past those mental blocks and allow what’s deep inside to come out.

Fill out a minimum of three pages. If you are a perfectionist, write freely as if you are writing a draft and you can rewrite it all later.

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