Dirty keto is a term that is thrown around and used to reference a trending style of keto eating that revolves eating heavy fats, dairy, a lot of meat and very little vegetables. The diet works, in the sense that you will get into ketosis, that you will lose weight and that it fits into quite a few dieting and lifestyle preferences, which is why it has become so popular in America and now trending in Australia. However, it raises some eyebrows as it does contradict traditional healthy eating recommendations.

This style of keto mostly focuses on keeping fats up.

The diet would be good for:

  • Those that love meat and dairy
  • Dislike veggies
  • Time poor
  • Love big meals
  • Prefer easy and let’s face it, dirty meals

The diet won’t be the best for:

  • Those that love veggies (although you can alter this diet by adding veggies)
  • Intolerant to dairy
  • Obviously vegans or vegetarians
  • Insulin resistant or females over 40 as dairy is a red flag 

Still want more information & options for keto dieting than just the explanation of foods? Check our full keto diet guide which has 18 chapters discussing every last bit of the Keto Diet.


Chapter 7

Keto diet meal plans

Chapter 9

Lazy keto

Meet the Keto Guide Authors

 Jaxon Calder

Jaxon Calder

Jaxon has been one of Australia’s leading health and weight loss coaches for the last 11 years, he is a second-generation personal trainer, director of Lean for Life which is ranked in Australia’s top 3 weight loss companies ad founded KetoLean Australia's first Keto Product Range.

 Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield is Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of the University’s Human Potential Centre (HPC), Grant lead's Australia and New Zealand in science-based healthy living and specialises in Keto dieting.

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