Keto Meals

As an alternative to planning out your keto meals, you can use already planned meals and meal plans to make life just that bit easier. Here are some of my favourite meals that I have created to meet the macro and calorie requirements that also taste amazing and are super easy to prepare. Remember a meal needs to fit your requirements – these meals have the requirements to taste yum, be clean and whole foods focused, easy to make and require minimal ingredients to save money and food wastage.
keto meals recipe
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Chapter 15

Keto diet meal plan

keto diet results

Chapter 17

Keto diet results

Meet the Keto Guide Authors

 Jaxon Calder

Jaxon Calder

Jaxon has been one of Australia’s leading health and weight loss coaches for the last 11 years, he is a second-generation personal trainer, director of Lean for Life which is ranked in Australia’s top 3 weight loss companies ad founded KetoLean Australia's first Keto Product Range.

 Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield is Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of the University’s Human Potential Centre (HPC), Grant lead's Australia and New Zealand in science-based healthy living and specialises in Keto dieting.

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