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Vegan & Vegetarian Keto Diet

Once thought impossible, it has only recently been a focus of possibility and started trending late 2018 and for a good reason. We have covered in this article that keto dieting is by far a superior way to lose weight and specifically great for targeting belly fat due to its ability to restore insulin sensitivity, so why not also make it accessible to vegetarians and vegans?

Often vegans and vegetarians are left out of the weight loss circle either through meal replacement shakes predominantly being dairy or diet plans not catering for them, and up until now keto dieting being limited to animal products. But as we have come to see, vegan keto and vegetarian keto is possible through selecting high protein & low carb veggies; choosing non-animal based products that are high in fat such as seeds, nuts, avocado, oils; and supplementing the diet with keto shakes and MCT oil where needed.

The diet would be good for those that:

  • Love veggies
  • Prefer to eat clean
  • Are health focused
  • Have allergies and intolerances
  • Are vegans and vegetarians
  • Are over eating too much meat. It’s a great way to change things up. I have 40% of my meals vegan or vegetarian and sometimes go vegan or vegetarian for a few days just to cleanse.

The diet won’t be the best for those that:

  • Don’t like veggies
  • Prefer to eat lazy and dirty
  • Love eating meat every day

Here are some examples of vegan and vegetarian keto meals.

keto food day

Still want more information & options for keto dieting than just the explanation of foods? Check our full Lean For Life Keto Guide which has 18 chapters discussing every last bit of the Keto Diet.

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Standard Keto Diet & other variations


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Keto diet weight loss

Meet the Keto Guide Authors

 Jaxon Calder

Jaxon Calder

Jaxon has been one of Australia’s leading health and weight loss coaches for the last 11 years, he is a second-generation personal trainer, director of Lean for Life which is ranked in Australia’s top 3 weight loss companies ad founded KetoLean Australia's first Keto Product Range.

 Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield

Grant Schofield is Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of the University’s Human Potential Centre (HPC), Grant lead's Australia and New Zealand in science-based healthy living and specialises in Keto dieting.

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