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Our Commitment to Being Greener

We often think that being green is a personal decision. In some way you are right; however, at Lean for Life, we believe being green is an obligation.

The impact we have on the planet is extremely important, so we think the best thing we can do is to choose a greener option where possible and where not possible we often choose not to go down that path.

Here are some things we are doing to be greener:

1) Postage

An estimated 30 million to 80 million parcels are sent daily, with the majority of them sent either in parcel post bags or in boxes with plastic-type fillers. This horrifies us to just think about the amount of plastic that is being unnecessarily used.

So, we have decided to go green on postage:

  • All our Power Packs are parcel postbag, bubble wrap and plastic filler free.
  • We don’t use packing plastic in any of our parcels.
  • We are aiming to be 100% parcel post plastic free by June 2019.

2) Packaging

Packaging is of huge importance when it comes to lessening our footprint on the planet. We have made an intentional decision to have greener packaging; however, we are always looking to make the green decisions we have made be even greener.

Our MCT oil is packaged in glass bottles. Sure it takes more to protect the product in shipping and we do get a few breakages in the warehouse and postage, but the end result is a much greener product.

Our Shakes are packed in ‘stand-up’ bags instead of tubs. We made this decision not just to lower the amount of plastic used, but also the stand-up pouches are shipment friendly, meaning that getting the parcels to manufacturing, then to warehousing, then to the consumer uses far less packing material and plastic.

3) Product planning

We are always planning how we can create health, nutrition and convenient products to make your life better. In this planning process, one of the top three questions we ask is, “is this product going to produce unnecessary waste?” If the answer is yes, then we go back to the drawing board for how we can package things differently.

This is the reason why we don’t sell single-serve sachets packs. Yes, they are convenient and yes, they are great for sales; however, they produce unnecessary waste. This doesn’t mean we won’t produce single-serve sachets, and we are in the process of finding a way to make then greener than our full packs.

4) Suppliers

We choose suppliers that provide greener solutions, and we also request our supplies to be sent to us with minimal plastic used and all unnecessary packing removed.

This is just a small way we can send the message out to other business to be aware of the impact they are having on the planet.

5) Office

We have made a conscious effort to design our office and warehouse to be energy efficient and recycling-friendly from the kitchen to the warehouse.

We have also gone a bit further to provide green education to our team, to make sure that we all are living a greener life at work and home.

If you are looking to partner with a footprint friendly company then we would love you to trust in us. Also if you have some ideas on how we can make an even greener move on the things discussed above please email us via our contact form.

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