4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program Pack

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100% Australian Made

Under Australian Foods Safety regulations

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4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program Pack

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Keto pack
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
Keto pack
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
Keto pack
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
Keto pack
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
keto oil
1 x Keto MCT Oil
Keto testing strips
1 x Keto Testing Strips
1 x KetoLean™ 4-Week Kickstarter Program
1 x Daily Coaching Emails from Jaxon
1 x KetoLean™ Stress Tool Kit


This Program Pack come’s with everything you need to follow our 4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program.

Keto Diet Keto Shakes | Kickstarter Program
Keto Diet Keto Shakes | Kickstarter Program Inclusions
Program Inclusion
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The KetoLean™ KickStart Program is a hybrid between Keto Dieting and a Meal Replacement Diet... making it easy and effortless to follow.



Making Keto easy is what we do! Our programs along with our products have the centre focus of being easy to understand, and easy to implement into your daily routine.

Key ResuLts

Getting a certain level of results fast is key to enabling you to feel great, believe in yourself and keep going with excitement.


We focus on three detox phases to ensure your body has the best chance at a complete reset 1) Detox Substances 2) Detox Habits 3) Detox Mindset.


Keto adaption is the ultimate goal of keto - it's when your body burns ketones for energy instead of sugars resulting in clarity, energy, focus and consistency.


Get Results or Money Back Guarantee

It’s as simple as that, if you are not satisfied with your results after completing the 4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program, let us know and we will give you your money back. We are that confident in our program & we want to be accountable for making sure we get you results.


Keto Diet Keto Shakes | Kickstarter Program Multiple Device Access

Multiple Device Access

Access to your 4-Week Keto KickStarter Program anywhere, anytime on any device!

Simply log into your account and you have access to your Programs, Meal Planner App, Recipes & more.

Keto Diet Keto Shakes | Kickstarter Program Meal Plan


Simple to follow and easy to understand. 

There is no need for calorie counting, calculating macros, or meal creating – we do it all for you!

Each meal takes under 10min to prepare and cook, with minimal ingredients and is easily adjusted to fit the whole family.

Ketolean Mobile App for Keto Diet Plans


Planning your week just got easier! Simply drag and drop our Keto Lean meals, snacks and shakes into your preferred days to keep you on track.

From the App you can print off your daily or weekly shopping list, open selected meals to follow our recipes and so much more.

Keto Recipes

KetoLean™ Recipes

Easy to follow and quick to make recipes!

Our delicious and healthy meals range from Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and Non-Vegan meals.

Each meal takes under 10min to prepare and cook, with minimal ingredients, and is easily adjustable to suit the whole family.

Keto Diet Plan Accountability


Tracking your results can be too emotionally triggering, so we have designed some resources to help you proactively track your progress & deal with the psychology weighting in.


Here are added bonuses you receive when you buy the program via this pack.

KetoLean™ Stress Tool Kit

Keto Diet Coaching

Stress is the number one cause of stalled results, anxiety, emotional eating and diet failure. Helping you overcome these obstacles is a key focus of ours.

Over five videos, we teach you what stress really is, how to get stress relief, how to eliminate stress, and how to prevent stress; the essential tools to turning your life around.

Daily Coaching Emails from Jaxon

Keto Diet Daily Coaching Emails

Not only is Jaxon the founder of Keto Lean, he is a 2nd-generation personal trainer and has been a health and weight loss coach since 2007.

Throughout the program, you will receive daily emails from Jaxon to help guide you, and ensure you stay focused and motivated.

*You have the option to opt-in to receive these daily emails.



To Get The Best Out Of Your Keto Kickstarter Program, Follow Our Suggested Plan:

KetoLean Keto Shake MCT Oil
Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


KetoLean Keto Shake MCT Oil
Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


Have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks

4pm (Optional)

If you are hungry, have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks


Keto Meal
Have one of our KetoLean™ Meals


It’s as simple as that, if you are not satisfied with your results after completing the 4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program, let us know and we will give you your money back. We are that confidant in our program & we want to be accountable for making sure we get you results. 

Basic T&C; 

  • Refund of your money after placing a refund request can take up to 14 days. 
  • To request a refund you need to email or submit the Contact Us from via this site.
  • To qualify for a refund you have to have completed our 4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program and followed it correctly.
  • 100% of the money will be refunded. 

If you purchase a Power Pack today, you will get everything emailed to you today, so you have immediate access to the KetoLean 4-Week KickStarter Program and all your free gifts. The products will be posted out immediate from the Sunshine Coast, so while they are on their way you can start doing the Pre-Program units in the KickStarter Program.

Two things typically happen after the 4 weeks:

  1. You give it another go – most participants will continue to the 4-Week Program again; depending on your goal, some might do a couple of 4-Week Programs to reach their goal, where other might have a smaller goal and find 4-weeks in enough.
  2. You graduate – If you have reached your goal or at least 70% of it then it’s time to move onto the KetoLean 8-Week Body Tone Program. This program gives you more eating flexibility, provides training programs and new meals to choose from.

When you purchase a Power Pack you get access to both the Vegan and None-Vegan Keto Diets via our 4-Week KickStarter Porgram. However, in order to make sure you get the right shake, the Vegan Shakes are green and the None-Vegan Shakes are white – each one has their own Power Pack page.

Yes, you do. Having extra MCT oil will give you that little extra energy it needs while transitioning away from carbs. It will also assist your body to produce Ketones, as MCT Oil is easily broken down into Ketones. However, you don’t need to add it to your shake if you don’t want to, and you can use it in other ways such as adding it to your coffee, shotting it or putting it over your meal. The MCT Oil will also be useful if you need to implement any long term fasting to hack your way into Ketosis.


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11 reviews for 4-Week Keto Kickstarter Program Pack

  1. Siobhan

    My husband and I have now finished our 4 weeks and its been great! I’ve lost 6kg and the hubby is down 13kg. Getting so many compliments! In fact 4 friends have now ordered theirs.
    Thanks Keto Lean!

  2. debbiehockey

    I have enjoyed the past 4 weeks immensely .. the shakes and meals on the plan were absolutely delicious 🤤 I intend on continuing on with KetoLean and my keto weight loss journey .. this challenge has been the best .. I was stuck on a plateau .. but not any more!

  3. Ann Mackay

    I really enjoyed the challenge and love the shakes! I lost about 6kg but really only did 3 weeks. I got really bad tonsillitis so had to eat with the medication they put my on. I’m really happy with my results. Thank you for all your support !

  4. Catherine Stojcevska (verified owner)

    The Feb challenge was just what I needed to kick me into gear. And 6kgs was huge for me. Always recommending your products. I would just like to say that the support you feel as someone participating in the challenges is second to none. Your programs are very personal and although I couldn’t make the zoom calls the activity and responses you get back even just on the fb groups is very motivating. Thank you 😊

  5. baillslinda (verified owner)

    Very happy. I lost 6 kgs. Have already stopped one blood pressure medication. I am no longer hungry all the time and feeling confident that I can still lose enough weight to gain energy and feel good about myself.

  6. Chris Tippett (verified owner)

    I finished at the end of the 4 weeks with a total loss of 6.3 kg – very very happy. It has seriously put me back on track. I am really enjoying the clean Keto. I visited the Doctor today who said my BP is the best reading they have ever had from me, said it was perfect – which they have never said before. I have already passed you along to several people!

  7. Trudi Riordan (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed my Keto Lean journey and am so happy to have discovered your products! In 5 weeks I have lost 6 kilos which I’m really happy about. I have def found the experience to be of value and will continue to use the products on my journey.
    Thanks for your wonderful support.

  8. Stacey Braun (verified owner)

    I purchased the 4 week starter pack and I have ZERO regrets. One week in, and I’ve already lost 3kg! This was post-baby weight that I have struggled to shake off for over a year! I’m more energetic, I have less brain fog, and overall I am just so happy.

    As a busy, working first time mother to an even busier toddler, KetoLean has provided me with the structure I have needed for so long. I love every flavour the shakes come in, especially with a shot of coffee with the vanilla or chocolate 😉. The meal planner is AMAZING, and so easy to use. There’s no guesswork as the KetoLean team have done all the hard work for you! The recipes are easy to follow and they are delicious. It’s just an added bonus that they’re so healthy!

    This program makes you prioritise yourself and I couldn’t be more grateful to the team at KetoLean for all their continued advice, encouragement and support.

    If you’re thinking about buying the program, this is your sign. Do it for yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise!

  9. David Walkom (verified owner)

    l lost 6.7 kgs, lost a total 44 CMS off the measurements, the “how are you feeling” rating you give yourself at the start I was 13/50 today 36/50. Absolutely love this program. The daily emails are so helpful to keep you motivated & the correspondence when have a question is fantastic as well.

    After many years of yo-yo dieting I have finally found (keto diet) something that I honestly believe I can stick to for my new lifestyle choice.

    Much appreciated and thanks to all your team!

  10. Stephanie Kentish

    Great Program, great products and great support to reach your goals.

  11. Jasmine Overton

    I’m absolutely loving this program and have lost 8kg so far. Having the Facebook group is very supportive and also having support from Samie and Jaxon is so great. Thank you keto lean.

Please Note – any testimonies made from Past Participants, we don’t guarantee you will get the same results as them, because the human body is complex, some people require personalised support. When following any program or using any product, results may vary due to individual circumstances.
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