Ultimate 4-Week Keto Challenge Pack

100% Australian Made

Under Australian Foods Safety regulations

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100% Australian Made

Under Australian Foods Safety regulations

Need Help?

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Ultimate 4-Week Keto Challenge Pack

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Finally, A Keto Challenge That Works! The First ALL-IN-ONE, Science-Backed, AND People Proven Ultimate Keto Challenge, Formulated Specifically For Weight Loss

A Hybrid between a Keto Diet, Meal Replacement Diet & Personal Coaching Program… Transforming lives for thousands of people across Australia & New Zealand!

Finally, A Keto Challenge That Works! The First ALL-IN-ONE, Science-Backed, AND People Proven Ultimate Keto Challenge, Formulated Specifically For Weight Loss

A Hybrid between a Keto Diet, Meal Replacement Diet & Personal Coaching Program… Transforming lives for thousands of people across Australia & New Zealand!

Does this sound like you? I need to…

  • Drop my unwanted kilos 
  • Take my health back
  • Set myself up for a new standard of living
  • Hit my goal weight and finish off this journey
  • Stop procrastinating and start changing 
  • Feel more myself, and start feeling good about myself again
  • Get back to my feel-good weight after falling off the wagon 
  • Get my confidence back

Or are you needing…

  • Something to push you out of your rut
  • Support to get started
  • Motivation from real people, not just videos
  • Questions answered
  • Help troubleshooting
  • Accountability to stick it out
  • Inspiration from others on the same journey
  • Connection to positive & like-minded people
  • Education on keto basics 
  • Help in understanding exactly what to do 
  • A proven done-for-you system that works, and is easy to follow

If you said yes to any of the above, then you don’t want to miss out on this challenge!

transformed lives


This Challenge Pack comes with everything you get in our 4 Week Kickstarter Program Pack PLUS the added bonus of participating in our Ultimate Keto Challenge.

4-Week Keto Kickstarter Pack

Also Includes

Ultimate Keto Challenge

4-Week Keto Kickstarter Pack

Also Includes

Ultimate Keto Challenge



Making Keto easy is what we do! Our programs along with our products have the centre focus of being easy to understand, and easy to implement into your daily routine.

Key ResuLts

Getting a certain level of results fast is key to enabling you to feel great, believe in yourself and keep going with excitement.


We focus on three detox phases to ensure your body has the best chance at a complete reset 1) Detox Substances 2) Detox Habits 3) Detox Mindset.


Keto adaption is the ultimate goal of keto - it's when your body burns ketones for energy instead of sugars resulting in clarity, energy, focus and consistency.

The KetoLean™ KickStarter Program is a hybrid between Keto Dieting and a Meal Replacement Diet... making it easy and effortless to follow.


keto plan

Multiple Device Access

Access to our 4-Week Keto KickStarter Program anywhere, anytime on any device – for good! Once you purchase this pack, it’s yours to use anytime you feel like you need a Keto kickstart.

Meal-Plans keto


Simple to follow and easy to understand. There is no need for calorie counting, macro measurement, or meal creation – we do it all for you. Each meal takes under 10min to prepare and cook, with minimal ingredients and is easily adjusted to fit the whole family.

Keto plan


Our Meal Planner App allows you to drag & drop our meals, snacks & shakes into your day, making planning out your week supper easy.

From the App you can print off your daily or weekly shopping list, open slelected meals to follow our recipies and so much more.

Keto Recipes

KetoLean™ Recipes

43 easy-to-follow and quick-to-make recipes specially designed by dietitians for the everyday person who lives a busy life and doesn’t have time to cook, yet loves yummy and healthy food. Vegan, Gluten-Free and Non-Vegan Meal options are available.

Accountability keto


We know true change is more than meal plans and recipes, so we educate you on the psychology of tracking your results. We also provide all the tools and how-to guides you will needed to track your progress, build self-accountability and coach yourself to your desired outcome.

MORE transformed lives

challenge FOCUSES


Experience your 4-week journey surrounded by a group of wonderful people who are looking to improve their health just like you.


Through our support networks we do all we can, and are committed to ensuring YOU get the results you want.


We provide three levels of support, Community Group, Weekly Zoom Calls and access to a Keto Coach throughout the Challenge.


Motivation is key! Through our Private FaceBook group you will be encouraged and kept accountable by your fellow challengers and support coaches.

The KetoLean™ Ultimate Keto Challenge is a personalised, motivating, and heavily supported community making your transformation journey so much easier.

Challenge in detail

Keto Coach Support Line

Our Keto Coaches are with you every step of the way. The KetoLean Challenge Coaches pride themselves in being available (via messenger or phone call) to you when you need them, and are 100% committed in getting you to the end of the 4 weeks with amazing results. 

challenge facebook group

Be part of a Private Facebook group filled with many others who want the same thing as you; a happier and healthier lifestyle! Not only will our Challenge community help motivate and encourage you daily, but it also becomes a wonderful opportunity for lasting friendships!

weekly zoom calls

Join in our weekly Monday Zoom calls with Jaxon, the support team, and your fellow challengers. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know everyone, get all your questions answered and learn new things. Most of all, you will have the chance to share your story, as well as being encouraged and motivated by everyone else’s journey. 

personal transformation video

We have recently implemented a fun and exciting way to document your 4-Week journey. Using Vocal Video, you have the opportunity to share your experience, and upload a weekly video journal. 

After you complete the program, we will customise and edit a special video just for you making it into a 4-Week Challenge memorabilia that you can look back on and be proud of!



Follow our suggested timing and Keto recipes to get the best out of the 4-Week Challenge.

Keto packs
Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


Keto packs
Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


Have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks

4pm (Optional)

If you are hungry, have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks


Keto Meal
Have one of our KetoLean™ Meals


After purchasing our Ultimate 4-Week Keto Challenge Pack, you will receive an email shortly after with access your account and all the program online resources. The products will be posted out immediately from the Sunshine Coast, so while they are on their way you can start doing the Pre-Program units found in your account under “Program/Courses”.

Yes. Within the challenge, our shakes are taken twice as a meal replacement.

Our meals have all the correct macro calculations done for you to be able to stick to the plan and not worry about calorie counting etc, so we recommend to stick to our meals as much as possible. If need be you can replace a protein for a protein, otherwise the coaches are available to help you with any substitutes if necessary.

You can adjust your meal plan around your shift work and your lifestyle. You can take both your shakes at the same time also. That’s completely up to you.

As long as you keep to the 16:8 Intermittent fasting schedule – 8 hour window of when you drink and eat, and the 16 hour window of fasting.  

Yes – these are the options:

First/Last Meal

If you are wanting to adjust the start time to be earlier or later than 10 am or the end time to be later than 6 pm, you can do that and there will be no consequences of that as long as the eating window remains 8 hrs. 

Extend the Eating Window

If you are wanting to adjust the eating window from 8 hours to 10 hours to fit this into your lifestyle, you can still do that without much impact, however, 8 hours is preferred and proven. 

Going beyond 10 hours may impact your results.

Eliminate Fasting

When changing anything in the program, it adds variables and can make it hard for us to advise you if you’re needing support. 

You can remove intermittent fasting from the program if you feel the need; however, please note, intermittent fasting will help curb your hunger and promote ketosis. So we would advise extending your eating window if you can, rather than removing it.

Our Zoom Calls are every Monday and set at a time to cater as best we can for all Australian states:

7.30pm QLD
8.00pm SA
5.30pm WA
7.00pm NT


We encourage you to attend every call to get the most out of the challenge, but if you can’t make it, we record every zoom call and post it up into our private Facebook Group so it is available for you to watch in your free time.

KetoLean was developed to make keto dieting easy and accessible for everyone. This means there is no need to plan meals, create your own shopping lists, count macros or track calories – it’s all done for you!

The program generally follows the higher fat, moderate protein and lower carb ratio. We’ve developed our meal plans in conjunction with Nutritionists and have found the following to be the most effective: 

70% fat

25% protein

5% carbs

Yes. Iron supplements are ok to take during the 4-Week Challenge.

As it will be the main platform we use for communication with our participants during the 4 weeks, it is highly encouraged to join our Private Facebook group for the challenge so you don’t miss out on anything.

It is also an opportunity to connect with like-minded people who will be going through the same journey as you, and also to share information about your weight loss journey, be encouraged and learn lots of tips and advice.

Yes. If you prefer a hard copy you can find the downloadable pdf documents to our recipes and meal planner within your online account. 

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