The KetoLean™
4-Week CHRISTMAS Challenge

Watch this video on how to get started!

Does this sound like you? I need to…

  • Drop my unwanted kilos 
  • Take my health back
  • Set myself up for a new standard of living
  • Hit my goal weight and finish off this journey
  • Stop procrastinating and start changing 
  • Feel more myself, and start feeling good about myself again
  • Get back to my feel-good weight after falling off the wagon 
  • Get my confidence back

Or are you needing…

  • Something to push you out of your rut
  • Support to get started
  • Motivation from real people, not just videos
  • Questions answered
  • Help troubleshooting
  • Accountability to stick it out
  • Inspiration from others on the same journey
  • Connection to positive & like-minded people
  • Education on keto basics 
  • Help in understanding exactly what to do 
  • A proven done-for-you system that works, and is easy to follow

If you said yes to any of the above, then you don’t want to miss out on this challenge!


This Challenge follows the KetoLean™ 4-Week KickStarter Program principles, recipes & meal planner.

Plus, on top of the 4-Week Kickstarter Program, you will have exclusive access to:


You have two ways to register:

1) Purchase a KetoLean Program Pack, and get a free Challenge Registration Pass

2) Purchase a Challenge Registration Pass on it’s own

Which one is for you?

4-Week Program Pack

If you haven’t purchased a Program Pack then you will need to purchase one by clicking the button below, and you will be registered to the Challenge for free.

OR if you’ve already purchased a Program Pack just recently or in the past, but you want to stock up and join in the challenge, you can purchase another pack below.

Challenge Registration Pass

If you have already recently purchased a Program Pack, and have all your products needed to complete the 4-weeks (4 full Shake packets, 1 full bottle of MCT oil, 1 full bottle of testing strips), then all you need to do is purchase the Challenge Registration Pass.

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