3 Tips on how to make sure you lose weight this week

Too many people too often start their weight loss journey by radicalizing their current eating habits or by implementing a rigid training routine and in doing so fail, here are three tips on how to fireproof the starting of your weight loss journey.

We all live in a world where food is far more to us than just an energy source, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a suppressant, it’s a saviour, it’s an encourager and it’s a pick me up. So what happens when you take away the very thing that your life revolves around? Well, your life turns to shit and so does your dream of ever losing weight.

Ok so here is a game plan that has helped thousands of people all over the world overcome the food zombie state and lose weight, without turning your life to shit.


This is a great image I found that really illustrates what I am trying to say, most people expect me to tell them to cut out sugar, cut out trans fats and to start eating clean right? Well yes I want you to do those things, but before you go clean out your cupboard and tell the rest of your family it’s diet time I want you to set up a game plan, “a slowly implemented game plan”. It will look like this a) make a list with everything that you think you need to stop eating then b) break each one of those things up into a weekly objective.


Week 1 – Cut out drinking Coke

Week 2 – Stop putting sauces in dinners

Week 3 – Start to eat breakfast


Once you have a game plan, you want to discover the reason why you are committing to a weight loss journey. I am not talking about, “I am doing this to lose 10kg”. No, “what’s the real reason”, once you know this reason you will be able to withstand the pressures ahead and withstand the trial of time. Most people fail at losing weight because they don’t know why they want to lose weight.

What normally happens in my weight loss coaching sessions is people come in saying they want to lose 5,10 to 20kg and within 10min we soon discover that they really just want to be more energetic, they just want a better relationship with their spouse, they just want to be happy, they just want to fill the gap between the life they feel they should be living and the life they are living

Once you know the “why” put it everywhere, make a dream board, put photos on your bedroom wall, on the fridge and in the bathroom and look at it every morning and night.


It is absolutely essential in my view and experience to get yourself help from a weight loss coach, there is no way for me to explain the importance of getting a good weight loss coach than saying it’s essential. That’s why I started Lean for Life, because I’ve seen the importance of people having a weight loss coach, that I couldn’t ignore it and felt an obligation to train, equip and rise up an army of dedicated weight loss coaches. A weight loss coach is not a nutritionist and they are not personal trainers, they are professionals educated and trained in weight loss. They will look beyond your nutrition or activity and look into your mindset, your behaviours, your lifestyle, your community and your life history.

Getting help it’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s impossible for you to see what is happening in your own life from the viewpoint of your life, you need a professional who looks into lives every day to help you discover what has been preventing you from living the life you want.

I would recommend inquiring about booking yourself in for a Weight Loss Discovery Session and change the rest of your life today.

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