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3 Things to do before you do anything else – To make sure you lose weight fast and for good

Here are 3 Things To Do Before You Do Anything Else – To Make Sure You Lose Weight Fast and For Good

Being a weight loss coach, everywhere I go people are either running their weight loss strategy by me or asking me how can they lose weight; so I thought I would write a quick blog on what I think are the three most important things to do before you do anything else.

Having over 10 years experience as a practitioner, being a second-generation personal trainer and signing up over 5000 members to various health clubs, I can assure you I have had a bit of experience in helping people get started on their weight loss journey, here are my three things to do before you do anything else.


The First thing I would advise you to do before you do anything else is to “GET A WEIGHT LOSS COACH”.

It’s amazing how many people think they can or that they should do this journey alone, and even more amazing how high the failure rate is of those people who try to go alone. The failure rate is higher than 90% if you try and do this alone, which means less than 10 people out of 100 will achieve their results doing this alone and only 3 of those will retain the results they achieved.

So I would encourage you to get a weight Loss coach as they will be able to look into your life holistically (not just look at what you are eating or your activity but at your lifestyle, your mindset and your community) and they will do this from an outsiders view and be able to see a lot of things you will be blinded to.


The Second thing I would advise you to do before you do anything else is to “JOIN A WEIGHT LOSS COMMUNITY”.

Joining a weight loss community isn’t just gathering a group of friends together and going to the gym or competing to see who can lose the most amount of weight the quickest, but joining a weight loss community is about becoming part of a group that meets weekly to discuss your results, review your strategy and helps you plan a better one. It is important to surround yourself with a supportive community, but a weight loss group is more than this, it is an intentional group for a season of time with the sole purpose to help you lose weight.


The Third thing I would advise you to do before you do anything else is to “START A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM”.

Most people would be saying, well if I have a weight loss coach, and am part of a weight loss community then why do I need a weight loss program shouldn’t my coach do this for me or shouldn’t the community be enough. My answer is NO. For example when building a house the builder doesn’t just stop and say there is a roof on the house that’s all I need to do, no, he then goes and puts walls around the house, after putting the walls around the house he doesn’t stop and say the roof is on and the walls are up that’s all that needs to be done. No, he then goes and puts the windows and doors in and then the house becomes secure. This is similar with your weight loss journey, you need to get a weight loss coach to watch over you from the outside, join a community to help you along your journey and you need a weight loss program to tell you what to do “to fill in the practical steps”.

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