6 Causes that make women overweight and how to overcome them (No.6 WILL surprise you)

This is an interesting question and possibly one you have asked yourself before. Here are some quick reasons why people are overweight

#1 They consume too many calories.

This doesn’t always mean they eat too much, it can also mean they don’t eat the right thing. Eating small meals more frequently and making sure they are fresh and healthy will dramatically change your weight loss results.

#2 They don’t exercise enough.

This doesn’t mean they don’t hit the gym every day, it just means they are going less than 3x per week. All that’s needed to lose weight, get fit and healthy is to workout 3x per week for 20min.

#3 They are not active enough.

On top of exercising 3x per week, a person needs to walk an extra 5,500 steps per day on top of their normal daily routine, so that’s around 20min of power walking a day.

#4 They are not supported by the right community.

It is essential that you are aware of the community that surrounds you and are actively building yourself a supportive, encouraging and accountable community.

#5 They are not living the right lifestyle.

It is essential that your lifestyle matches your goal, most people desire what their life is not yet matching. But the key is, if your lifestyle matches your goal, then your goal will naturally work its way to fulfilment.

#6 They are a victim of their mind.

Working on the mind is essential in ensuring you lose weight, the life you live is ultimately determined by the mind you possess.

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