Standard Keto Diet & Other Variations

Standard Keto Diet & Other Variations

Standard keto dieting focuses on the core aspects of keto dieting, ensuring you consume under 20g-50g of net carbs and at least 60-70% of your diet comes from fat. There is no obsession with eating dirty or trying to get as many veggies in as possible as we have seen in the previous keto diets. This style of keto mostly focuses on keeping fats up and carbs low.

The standard keto diet has taken many forms as I have mentioned earlier: lazy keto, dirty keto, clean keto; however, there are even more hybrid variations emerging that focus on the core keto principles of macro management but are merging in other dieting principles such a paleo keto, meal replacements keto, vegan meal replacement keto, intolerant sensitive keto, 5:2 diet keto, vegan keto and vegetarian keto. You can look further into these by reading some of our other articles or Googling those terms; however, I wanted to finish off by covering an ever so emerging vegan and vegetarian keto diet which deserve special attention.

Here are some examples of standard keto meals.

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